Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Often over looked, effective estate planning can be the most important

planning that you can do.

Failing to plan often results in a plan to fail

Developing a well-designed approach for your estate is a personal process. It is grounded in the attitudes, beliefs and traditions that you consider important. Your estate will change as you progress through your life and incorporate different aspects of estate preparation.

Good estate planning and asset protection looks for ways to preserve your assets and plan constructively how to pass on as much of your estate as possible to your heirs. When no estate planning is done often conflicts due to family issues and legal problems often result.

Dependents with Special Needs

As a parent or guardian of a person with special needs, it becomes especially important for an estate plan to be in place. Special considerations include what kind of life would you like the person with special needs to have, how he or she will live without you, and what other requirements are important to your family—retirement, education funding, etc. The legacy you leave will depend on the plan you prepare. Together, through careful thought and use of the proper tools, we can create a plan to leave your beneficiaries the resources you always meant for them to have.

Advanced Planning

Wealth Enhancement

The process of using strategies for maximizing the tax efficiency of current assets and cash flow while achieving both growth and asset preservation and asset protection goals.

Wealth Preservation and Asset Protection

The process of employing concepts and strategies to ensure that a person’s wealth is not unjustly taken from him or her.

Wealth Transfer

A process of using strategies to prepare for the future disposition of current and protected assets for the maximum benefit of your chosen beneficiaries. This includes careful planning to mitigate the effect of estate taxes on your family.

Charitable Giving

We have found that many of our clients have charitable intentions. Our process will help identify the best strategies to maximize your opportunity to benefit society.

Relationship Management

We not only work closely with you, but we also help you manage the relationship you have with your expert professional team.

Estate Planning and Asset Protection are some of the most important planning you can do.

Estate Planning and asset protection