Financial and Retirement Planning

CFP® Certified Financial Planning Services

You have life goals which take both money and planning to achieve. We have the process, experience and resources to help you achieve them! Our process covers nearly every facet of your financial life during retirement. It will take the guesswork out of retirement income planning and implement a world-class low-cost tax-efficient strategy to deliver the financially inspired retirement that you envision.

When you focus on matters you can control you see results. We look at all the factors that influence your success, and focus on areas where we know we can make an impact. We show and explain to you retirement planning decisions which improve your outcomes. You don’t have to wonder if you’re doing the right thing; you’ll know.

“What you need is a specialist, not a general practitioner. We’re specialists. We make it easy for you to see which decisions matter.”

Putting together the pieces that go into a retirement plan takes skill and training that the average financial planner doesn’t have. What you need is a specialist, not a general practitioner. We’re specialists. We make it easy for you to see which decisions matter. You’ve worked hard to save what you have; now it’s time to let it work hard for you.

Retirement planning establishes a process to reach the point where you don’t have to go to work to earn a living each day. A point where you can choose what you want to do with your time, and how you want to contribute. The right planning can help you get there faster.

Give us a chance to earn your trust and we’ll create a plan that you will absolutely love and feel 100% confident in. No pressure, no gimmicks and no sales pitch!You need a plan, we have a process. Our financial planning services will help you define your investment objectives and achieve your financial goals.

Everyone knows your chances for success dramatically improve when you develop a plan. In our view, successfully navigating today’s complexities requires an advisor with a broader set of skills and knowledge. You need an advisor who can not only allocate your assets effectively and manage your portfolio, but also help you  and plan for your retirement.

Our financial planning services are fee-based and include:

  • All initial consultation are free. There we can all decide if you are a good fit for you and if you are a good fit for us.
  • Hourly financial planning. For clients who don’t need an “over haul” but may need a financial “tune-up” or just need some sound financial advice. We work one-on-one with you to tackle your toughest financial issues. Our hourly financial planning rate is $150.
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning Services. For clients who need a more in-depth and truly comprehensive look at their situation – with real answers to tough questions – we work on a fixed flat fee or project basis. On average, our project financial planning engagements range from $750 to $2,500 depending on the estimated time involved and complexity of work.

How do we do this? We engage you in the process and spend hours with you over multiple meetings. We’ll educate you, and illustrate how your plan works so you see for yourself rather than just “hope” your advisor did it right. We then spend great deals of time making adjustments, and running new scenarios with you.

Retirement planning can be confusing, challenging and sometimes frustrating! The stakes are too high to make errors, and the retirement planner you trust with your future must create a workable plan that meets your goals.

You have a terribly difficult, and critically important decision to make. The advisor you trust must have extensive experience and knowledge, but more importantly be willing to go the extra mile to earn your trust. We’d like a chance to earn your trust, and the opportunity to help you achieve your retirement planning goals.

Most investors (and financial advisors) focus on investing. While investing and investments are important, retirement planning is far more critical to your financial success. With the right plan you’ll reach all your goals and do so with confidence!