Investment Management

Client Focused, Results Driven Investment Management

We realize your assets represent all of the hard work and effort you have sacrificed for your families future. We also believe your money should work as hard for you as you worked for it!

For many individuals, managing an investment portfolio has become too complex and difficult. The number of financial products available to individual investors has exploded in recent years. In addition, investors are continually bombarded with contradictory banter and “noise” from the financial media, and new financial scandals appear with discouraging regularity.  We’ll help you make sense of investment management and create a low-cost world-class strategy that you can understand …. but most importantly it will help you achieve your financial goals!

“Our entire practice is built around a client focused, results driven process of defining your investment objectives and accomplishing your financial goals.”

The impressive marketing budgets and slick ad campaigns may make your head spin, but unfortunately they won’t accomplish your goals.

You can’t afford to make a mistake. It’s your money, it’s your investment portfolio. Your investment portfolio should work for you as hard as you worked for it! Our entire practice is built around a client focused, results driven process of defining your investment objectives and accomplishing your financial goals. Trust has to be earned. The investment advisor you choose must work for it… we understand that. We’ll work hard as your financial advocate and create the right investment management plan for your situation. And you’ll know it’s right for you because you’ll understand it – and love it – before we invest a single dime of your hard earned money.

You’ll love your investment management plan… Guaranteed! Together we’ll create an investment plan that you’ll understand, and feel good about. We’ll engage you in the process and walk you through investment management step by step. We guarantee you’ll sleep peacefully at night with 100% confidence or we’ll scrap your plan and start fresh until you do.

We’d like a chance to earn your trust, and the opportunity to help you achieve your financial goals!

We offer a disciplined, unemotional, and highly diversified investment approach that offers objective advice and solutions to problems, rather than financial products to buy.

Is it not surprising that some investors are confused and do not trust the financial system? Where do you turn when you simply want to ensure decent returns with acceptable risk and prudent diversification?

In search of guidance, you might receive biased or contradictory opinions from financial salespeople, the media, or even friends and relatives, which might get you sidetracked, confused, or worse.

We work hard to help simplify our clients’ financial lives, optimize their investments, and organize their personal financial planning. We work closely with our clients using a consultative process to help them grow and protect their wealth, and achieve their most important financial goals with cost-efficiency and reliability.

Our mission is to be the trusted advisor for all aspects of our clients’ financial lives. To do this, we take the time to develop a detailed understanding of each client’s individual circumstances, goals, and objectives. We help our clients make smart financial and investment decisions, and gain confidence in having a secure financial future.

Markets may be volatile, but our values are steadfast. We are dedicated to serving our clients with integrity and are committed to the following principles:

  • Honest, transparent, and open communication
  • Highly responsive, professional, first-class service
  • Unbiased, expert, and timely advice
  • Steadfast dedication to our belief that “our clients’ interests always come first.”

As a fully independent financial advisor, we are not restricted to any investment product or service, and work exclusively for the benefit of our clients. In fact, as a registered investment advisor, we have a legal fiduciary obligation to act in each client’s best interests. We care deeply about helping our clients achieve their goals and objectives, and endeavor to provide them with the highest-quality service and guidance.

A secure future doesn’t just happen. We help you take control. We cut through the financial information clutter. And clarify your options.

Our investment approach is based on the science of investing that cuts through the noise and confusion by focusing on what really drives investment return, helps to reduce volatility, and risk. Jarrod Barton is a certified financial planning certificant (CFP™).

In our view, successfully navigating today’s complexities requires an advisor with a broader set of skills and knowledge. You need an advisor who can not only allocate your assets effectively and manage your portfolio, but also help you  and plan for your retirement. We will also interact with your other advisors—such as your attorney, accountant, mortgage broker, and insurance agent—to make sure that proper planning is done and effective implementation takes place. We can either work with your existing advisors or provide referrals to those we work with regularly.